Triple Ascent of Snowdon | Green Yeti Part 2

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The Welsh mountain Snowdon is the highest point in Wales and England. This video was filmed on a very stormy day, but it’s still an amazing place to visit!

In this video, the Green Yeti team and I set out to ascend the three toughest routes up Mount Snowdon in 12 hours or less. However, as soon as we set off, we knew we would have to change the plan.

The rain was coming down in sheets, and the routes were quickly becoming icy. I hadn’t seen snow for months, so it was really exciting to see it on the summit!

We raced up the mountain as fast as was practical and safe – with no stopping and minimal resting allowed along the way. The weather forecast stated temperatures as low as -11 with the windchill and definitely felt every drop in temperature degree by degree.

We topped the summit just before sunrise with an almost whiteout and hail storm.

Eventually, we conceded and only completed two ascents, but look forward to our next event, the national 3 peaks.

Join this video to see how the triple ascent of Snowdon went.

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