The Ultimate Guide To Running Motivation | 17 Easy Tips To Regain Your Running Mojo

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Every now and again you may ask yourself ‘How can I get my running motivation back?’ In this video, I present my best tips for regaining your running mojo. Choose 1 or any number of them and let me know how you get along.

17 Easy Tips To Regain Your Running Mojo

1. Environment Trumps Discipline
2. Run With Friends
3. Vary Your Training
4. Utilize Technology (Listen to Music, track etc)
5. Ditch Technology
6. Improve Your Mental Health
7. Visualize the End Result
8. Get Your “Me” Time
9. Reward Yourself
10. Give Back to the Community
11. Schedule Your Run Into Your Day Like It’s An Appointment You Can’t-Miss.
12. Get New Gear
13. Improve Physical Health
14. Find a Coach or Accountability Partner
15. Set Goals
16. Make Training Fun
17. Commit to a Race

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