Dear Viewer… A personal message to everyone that has taken the time to watch, comment and subscribe

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Dear Viewer (Reader!),

I made this short video to thank everyone that took the time to not only watch my 100 Miles in under 24 Hours video but also share your amazing comments. I seriously got to the point editing that video where I simply could not watch it again lol.

I chose progress over perfection and despite the fact it was missing key comments from the support team and pacers and additional scenes that would be ‘the cherry on the top’… I put it out and hoped for the best.

Now, after a couple of weeks, the video has had over 30k likes! WHAAAAATTTT!!!! …and has attracted over 600 subscribers to my channel, but the most exciting bit for me is the comments. They have reassured me that my videos are different, my style is needed in the YouTube ecosystem and above all else, I have inspired others to go do more!

I really couldn’t ask for a great deal more and once again, I want to thank all of you and offer this in return.

I pledge to carry on making these short films and running videos to inspire and guide you. I’ll aim for progress not only in my physical abilities but also in my film making and videography skills.

I have made a living out of being a little bit of a renegade, going against the grade, zigging when others zag all to prove that if you have a heart pumping in your chest you too can do amazing things.

Have a great day… because great days make great lives.


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