6 Tips For Running in the Snow | Winter Running Guide

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In 2020, I was fortunate enough to take part in the Beyond The Ultimate Ice Ultra located in Europe’s last official wilderness in Northern Sweden. With temperatures as low as -30, running was very different. In this article, I share my top tips for running in the snow.

1. Take it Slowly
Forget about pace, your movement will naturally be slower because of the slippy, slidey nature of the conditions. There is little point to rushing or getting frustrated. Slow it down and take the pressure off yourself. You will more than likely be working harder than you normally would, especially if the snow is deep.

2. Get the Right Gear

More so than temperate weather conditions, getting your kit right ios essential. The key here is looking after the extremities and remaining safe.

Choose your footwear well. Opt for trainers that are designed for deep mud or snow with deep tread and a more substantial upper than your regular summer road runners.

Wear the Proper Clothing – Hat, gloves, winter socks and extra layer are essential to keep your head and hands warm.

Protect yourself from the wind – The wind and wet are usually the killers so get yourself a good quality windproof jacket and consider windproof trousers in extremely low temperatures or if you are running in the mountains.

In icy conditions consider YakTracks or Studded Shoes?

3. Plan your Route

Think about the best place to find paved and clear running paths and if you have to run on the roads, be safe!

4. Be Adaptable

You may need to alter your gait, shorten your stride and be a little more forgiving with your cadence. Adverse weather can also force you to change your route or running routine, so remain flexible and use it to develop grit and resilience for races in the future.

5. Respect the Workout

In bad weather, things can go wrong very quickly. Focus, Focus, Focus! Safety is paramount and remember to keep on top of the basics like staying hydrated.

6. Enjoy it!

In the UK, we don’t get a lot of snow and personally I think it looks magical. Remember to embrace it because when it melts… we’re back to mud again 😉


To view all my running gear from the Ice Ultra check out this video: Running Kit & Clothing for the Beyond The Ultimate Ice Ultra in Sweden


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