6 Biggest benefits of hiring a running coach

6 Biggest benefits of hiring a running coach

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Running is often seen as a solitary sport, but there are many benefits to hiring a running coach. Not only can they help you with your form and technique, but they can also offer encouragement and accountability that will keep you motivated to train regularly. If you want to become faster, stronger and beat your personal best then it is time to hire a running coach!

Before hiring a running coach, figure out what you want from coaching and whether you are willing to put in the work.


If you are having a hard time following a training plan on your own, then hiring a running coach will provide the accountability needed for success.


The right coaching can help keep motivation levels high by providing encouragement when things get tough or staying motivated through difficult weeks that may not be as good as expected.

Specificity & individualised training.

A running coach may be able to adjust your training plan so that it is more specific and individualised. For example, if you have bad knees then the coach will work on exercises for strengthening them or use a different type of activity like swimming or biking instead of running.

Hiring a qualified coach with knowledge and experience can make all the difference when it comes to success in this sport! The right custom training plan or coaching program coupled with personal commitment has helped many runners achieve their goals including beating personal bests by up to ten minutes in just six weeks!

Race or event-specific training.

If you’re an experienced runner training for a specific race or event, then coaching will provide the guidance and support to get through the tough workouts that lead up to it and ensure your training is improving all the areas you need to develop to achieve your best on race day. He or she can mix up your training with the right training, maybe a speed workout and strength training geared to your injury history or running experience.

I predominantly hired my coach in preparation for a 100 mile race.

Ongoing support & sounding board.

Your coach will act as a vital sounding board to ease any concerns you have during the training process. They will also be available to answer any questions or offer guidance when needed. In my experience, this is invaluable in keeping you motivated and focused. Worry can knock you off track and understanding can dramatically help your adherence and application to your running training.

Injury prevention.

Many injuries come from not having the proper form or overtraining. A running coach can help you develop the technique you need to help prevent injuries. They will know your weaknesses, strengths and bad form and have the knowledge and expertise to help overcome them with form correction. Time spent injured and in rehab can be incredibly frustrating and in my experience, an ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure.

If you’re looking for a running coach to help get your training on the track, Simon Dicks at Focused Running in Reading is the perfect person. He has helped countless people take their fitness goals from dreamy ideas into realities over the years and is always happy to share his knowledge with new clients. Plus, he’s an awesome guy! So if you want a running coach who can lead by example while also being compassionate about where you are in life right now, then I’d say go message him as your personal running trainer today.

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