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100 Mile Run Strategy | 8 Tips & 5 Techniques For Pacing Your Ultra Marathon

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In the past, I would redline it for the first 30k then hang on for dear life, but eventually I came a cropper and from my first serious DNF in Kenya in 2019 I started to work on my running technique and racing strategy.

One study out of the Human Performance Laboratory at California State University shows that participants require on average 23 more calories per mile to run rather than walk. 23 calories per mile don’t seem a great deal until you start running ultras… then every calorie counts!

You need a strategy for running your ultramarathons and hopefully, this video will help you.

Here are my 8 tips & 5 techniques for creating your 100-mile run strategy.

Remember: Running an ultra or a 100 miler is an exercise in problem-solving…

Always remain flexible and concentrate on things you can influence.

8 Ultramarathon Race Strategy Tips

  1. Plan ahead of the race
  2. Create If / Then strategies
  3. Write it down!!!
  4. Brief your crew
  5. Test it
  6. Make the most of the easy miles
  7. Minimize faff time in checkpoints and aid stations
  8. Hydration & fuelling

During the run – Don’t get caught up in any one single technique. Mix it up as and when you need or feel it is appropriate.

5 Techniques for Pacing Your Ultra

  1. Slow down… If it feels easy, you’re probably going a little too fast!
  2. Walk for 10 mins every hour
  3. un the flats & downhills, walk the uphills
  4. Run a lamppost, jog a post & walk a post
  5. Run 100, walk 100…
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